Digital Heritage 2018 3rd International Congress & Expo
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Saturday, October 27 • 1:30pm - 2:30pm
DigitalHERITAGE Poster Presentations LIMITED
Limited Capacity seats available


Posters will be on display in the Expo Hall from noon Saturday to 5pm Sunday.  
(Note to authors: physical 4x3 posters can be installed in the lobby of the Festival Pavilion starting at 10:30am on Saturday. The Poster Presentations for all DigitalHERITAGE Posters listed below will take place on the main stage as 3min/3slide lightning presentations.  Some poster presentations are presented as part of special sessions instead of in this session.)

#68p   Spider-web memory ——based on the face recognition applied in the old posing photos
Jing Sang, Ziyi Chang and Deqing Tang

#73p   Study on Digital Protecting of Dialect Heritage:A preliminary Survey of Dialect Archiving in China
Shengnan Yao, Mengting Dai and Xiaoshuang Jia

#76p   The impact of physical object and visual image on social cognitive concept on cultural heritage
Hyuk-Jin Lee

#2p   From Museums to Musicology: the Cooperation between Museums and Art
Lulu Wang and Yongjun Xu

#94p   Campus Archaeology: Digital Tools and Data Standardization
Catherine Elliott, Amy Neumann and Effie Athanassopoulos

#51p   3D Cultural Heritage in the Archaeology Classroom
Claudia Engel, Stuart Snydman and Krish Seetah

#98p   Pattern Collector —— an Application that Spreads the Forgotten Meanings of Chinese Traditional Patterns
Mingxue Gou, Chiahua Lin and Yangnan Wei

#135p   Photographic and modeled experience of a museum exhibit: Capturing and sharing
Jesse Rouse and Nancy Fields

#81p   Interactive Virtual Former Residences of Celebrities of Beijing
Mengxun Wang, Leiqian Han, Yue Zeng and Da Yin

#122p   A 3D Reconstruction Pipeline of Cultural Objects
Karl Philips Apaza Agüero, Pedro Raimundo, Daniel Loura and Yuri Oliveira

#127p   Scalable Photogrammetry with High Performance Computing
Tassie Gniady, Esen Tuna, Guangchen Ruan, Eric Wernert and James McCombs

#133p   Digital Documentation of Cerro de En Medio, Mexico: Image-based Modeling for Reinterpreting the Northern Frontier of Mesoamerica
Manuel De Jesus Dueñas Garcia, Miriam Selene Campos Martinez and Nicola Lercari

#86p   The Democratization of Scientific Imaging through Metadata Management and Archival Submission Support
Carla Schroer and Mark Mudge

#145p   Steps towards Heritage Innovation: Design a Strategic Approach with Traditional Crafts for Creative Heritage Development (CHD)
Jiayi Jin

#126p   Beyond 3D Standards Dogma: Or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Input Transparency
Brian Pope, Scott Purdy and Michael Conyers

#54p   Designing Edutainment Games for Intangible Cultural Heritage: a Case Study of Peking Nursery Rhymes
Xiaoshuang Jia, Ting Chen, Yiyuan Hu, Yue Tan, Xiaodie You and Shengnan Yao

#93p   3D Virtualization and Collaborative Learning at the Cravens Collection
Laura Harrison, Robert Scalise, Hannah Quaintance, Conner Awayda and Michelle Assaad

#213p   A digitally reconstructed Roman marketplace disintegrates
Jona Schlegel and Kelly Gillikin

#131p   Spatial Vignettes: Developing Embedded Content for the Virtual Hampton Landscape Exploration Platform
Susan Bergeron

S#107s   Applying Virtual Restoration Modeling and Sand Printing of Weathered Rampart Stone Based on Three-dimensional Scanning
Jae Myong Yeo, Young Hoon Jo and Yeong Taek Kim

M#88s   Restoration of the Damaged Korean Stone Seated Bodhisattva Sculpture Using Three-dimensional Virtual Modeling and Printing Technologies
Seonghyuk Hong, Young Hoon Jo, Yoon Mi Kwon and Seong Yeon Jo


Karl Philips Apaza Agüero

Federal University of Bahia

Michelle Assaad

Access 3D Lab, University of South Florida

Effie Athanassopoulos

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Conner Awayda

University at Buffalo

Susan Bergeron

Coastal Carolina University

Ziyi Chang

Renmin University of China

Ting Chen

Humanistic Beijing Studies Center, Renmin University of China
avatar for Michael Conyers

Michael Conyers

Digital Archivist, The Arc/k Project
I am the Digital Archivist for the Arc/k Project - a non profit organization with a mission to ethically preserve cultural and historical objects and sites in digital formats (mostly 3D and VR/AR). We seek to engage communities and citizen scientists to donate images of endangered... Read More →
avatar for Mengting Dai

Mengting Dai

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China

Catherine Elliott

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Claudia Engel

Academic Technology Specialist, Stanford University

Nancy Fields

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Manuel De Jesus Dueñas Garcia

University of California, Merced
avatar for Tassie Gniady

Tassie Gniady

Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Humanities Manager, Indiana University
avatar for Mingxue Gou

Mingxue Gou

Renmin University of China
avatar for Leiqian Han

Leiqian Han

Renmin University of China
avatar for Laura Harrison

Laura Harrison

Director, Access 3D Lab, University of South Florida
I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida, and the director of Access 3D Lab - a research lab that incubates and supports transformative research in the digital realm. Projects at the lab encompass STEM disciplines, the arts and the humanities. Originally... Read More →

Yiyuan Hu

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China
avatar for Xiaoshuang Jia

Xiaoshuang Jia

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China

Jiayi Jin

Northumbria University

Sang Jing

School of Information Management, Renmin University of China
avatar for Young Hoon Jo

Young Hoon Jo

Professor, Kongju National University

Hyuk-Jin Lee

Texas Woman's University
Cultural heritage, Built heritage, Korean study, East Asia collaboration, Philosophy, History
avatar for Nicola Lercari

Nicola Lercari

Asst. Prof. of World Heritage, Univ. of Calif. Merced
Research Interests: - Digital heritage - 3D Visualization - Remote Sensing - Heritage Conservation - Virtual Reality - Serious Games - Digital Storytelling
avatar for Chiahua Lin

Chiahua Lin

Junior student, Renmin University of China
Lin Chiahua is a junior student majoring in Archival Studies at Renmin University of China. Her current research is about designing a mobile application to improve public understanding of Chinese traditional costume patterns, and this time her group’s submission was accepted as... Read More →

Daniel Loura

Federal University of Bahia

Miriam Selene Campos Martinez

University of California, Merced

James McCombs

Indiana University Bloomington
avatar for Mark Mudge

Mark Mudge

President, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Mark Mudge is President and co-founder of Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) and the current Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since decades Mark has worked in 3D information capture environments and digital photography. Together with Tom Malzbender he is a co-inventor of the Highlight... Read More →

Amy Neumann

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Yuri Oliveira

Federal University of Bahia

Brian Pope

The Arc/k Project
avatar for Scott Purdy

Scott Purdy

Director of Operations, The Arc/k Project
After seeing firsthand the amazing possibilities of photogrammetry, Scott has been honored to see The Arc/k Project grow as the need to preserve culture takes on an even more urgent tone. As the Director of Operations at Arc/k, he relishes the challenge of using his knowhow to bring... Read More →

Hannah Quaintance

University at Buffalo Art Galleries

Pedro Raimundo

Federal University of Bahia
avatar for Jesse Rouse

Jesse Rouse

Geography Instructor, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Guangchen Ruan

Indiana University Bloomington

Robert Scalise

University at Buffalo Art Galleries

Jona Schlegel

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Reconstruction
avatar for Kelly Gillikin Schoueri

Kelly Gillikin Schoueri

Independent Freelancer
I'm an archaeologist turned digital heritage specialist. I lived and worked in Vienna for the past two years working with digital reconstructions of archaeological sites based on geophysical data, analogies and excavation reports. I recently moved to São Paulo and will be freelancing... Read More →
avatar for Carla Schroer

Carla Schroer

Director, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Carla Schroer is co-founder and director of Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) a non-profit corporation that develops and implements imaging technologies for cultural, historic and artistic heritage and scientific research. Carla leads the training programs at CHI along with working... Read More →

Krish Seetah

Stanford University
avatar for Stuart Snydman

Stuart Snydman

Associate Director for Digital Strategy, Stanford University Libraries

Yue Tan

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China

Deqing Tang

School of Information Management, Renmin University of China
avatar for Esen Tuna

Esen Tuna

Manager, Research Data Services, Indiana University
Research Data Management and WorkflowsHigh Performance Photogrammetry WorkflowsScalable Media Analytics
avatar for Lulu Wang

Lulu Wang

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China

Eric Wernert

Indiana University

Yongjun Xu

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China
avatar for Shengnan Yao

Shengnan Yao

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China

Da Yin

Renmin University of China

Xiaodie You

School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China
I am a student from Renmin University of China.

Yue Zeng

Renmin University of China

Saturday October 27, 2018 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT
-Festival Theater @ Ft Mason Ctr