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A Night in the Forum Augusti

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via salaria km 29,300 Monterotondo St. (Rome), 00015 Italy
A Night in the Forum Augusti
by Sofia PescarinBruno Fanini, Daniele Ferdani, Ivana Cerato, Augusto PalombiniKeith MifsudIngo Mesche and Andrew Hamilton

“A Night in the Forum” is an on-going project of an educational environmental narrative videogame for Playstation VR. It is based on a novel methodology developed within REVEAL Eu project (www.revealvr.eu). A story about an archaeological site or an historical monument is divided into a series of learning concepts that are than mapped in the game mechanics. A storyline tool connect concepts with objects, places and actions and enable curators or pedagogists to verify if or which of the learning goals are reached. The environmental narrative, moreover, a sub-genre of adventure game, is chosen as particularly suitable for cultural heritage promotion and cognitive exploitation. Games belonging to this genre, in fact, are narrative-driven explorations in which interaction almost entirely consists of walking and experiencing a story unfold.
This project is developed under REVEAL Eu Project Framework.