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Picts and Pixels

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Picts and Pixels
by Alan Miller and Catherine Cassidy

The Picts lived in Scotland between Roman times and the early middle ages. They have left a legacy of art, intricate stonework and dwellings, and were an integral part of the formation of the Scottish Nation.

This exhibit mixes digital and physical representations of Pictish culture to enable participants to experience, explore and understand life in Pictish times. Multiple modes are used to represent the digital media created for the exhibition.

Digital reconstruction of Moredun Top hillfort set in its landscape provides the scene for exploration using Oculus Rift virtual reality set up and interactive digital projections of video and 360 degree scenes.

Photogrammetric representations of artefacts and Pictish stones are accessed via touchscreen tablets, and an experimental digital representation provides insight as to how Pictish stones would have been coloured in the past.