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The Box of History. The Mytilene Treasure

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Area della Ricerca Roma 1, Via Salaria Km. 29.300, Montelibretti Rome, 00010 Italy
The Box of History. The Mytilene Treasure
by Eva Pietroni, Enzo d'Annibale, Daniele Ferdani and Alfonsina Pagano

Under the CEMEC European project, Connecting European Early Medieval Collections, a novel kind of multimedia installation has been created for an exhibition that is travelling across European Museums until the end of 2019. It is dedicated to the Mytilene treasure, of the 7th century A.D., currently preserved in the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, where the installation is now on display, since May until October 2018. The installation is conceived to be connected to the museum’s collections and consists in a big holographic showcase. In the showcase three real artifacts from the Mytilene Treasure are shown and thanks to the virtual projection on and around them, they are brought back to life: the public can watch and listen to fragments of their story, evoking characters, events. Thus, the visitors' experience is enhanced through detailed visualization, virtual restoration, contextualization, storytelling and dramatization of the object.
The holographic showcase hosts a bracelet, a candle holder and a trulla.
For each object we propose to alternate:
- short presentation, with a more descriptive style, to communicate the basic information
- dramaturgy: a scenario where the object is contextualized.
The dramatized scenarios are useful to create the magic power but also to suggest additional information regarding the function of the objects themselves.
The scenarios are evocative and symbolic, they are mostly in slow motion.
They combine 3D graphic and real actors/objects. Digital contents interact also with the real objects.