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The Chantry
Jacob Habgood, David Wilson, Owen Gower and Daniela Petrelli

The Chantry is a videogame for Sony PS VR, developed within the REVEAL Eu Project as a demonstrator.
This case study is an Environmental Educational Narrative videogame which addresses scientific and cultural heritage within a virtual reality reconstruction of Dr. Jenner’s house as it was at the time of his death in 1823. As the pioneer of smallpox vaccination, Dr. Edward Jenner is considered the father of immunology and responsible for saving millions of lives from a devastating disease shoes effect were felt throughout the world.
The game is based on the building of Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden in Gloucestershire in the UK. The Jenner Museum is small, independently run and based in Jenner’s original family home. This heritage site is the background for the environmental narrative as the VR reconstruction is based on the laser-scanning of the building as it is today then modified to fit its original layout by removing later refurbishments. The game take the player into the original reconstructed house of Dr. Jenner. By walking around the house and interacting with objects the player discovers fragments of narratives and thus they get to know what kind of person Dr Jenner was, how his discovery was opposed by some and honoured by others, what a horrible illness small pox was and how the world was changed by it.
The House Museum was a partner in the development of this game: an iterative process of co-design that started with the acquisition of the 3D model of the house and when through the rec
that will be sold by Sony; the museum has planned special events for visitors to use it as part of its communication and educational strategy. A version for tablets and smart objects is currently under development and will be taken to the exhibition.