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The TRACE Experiments – Cultural Heritage, Emotions and Memory

Booth The TRACE Experiments
c/o FH Salzburg GmbH Urstein Sued 1 Puch, 5412 Austria
The TRACE Experiments – Cultural Heritage, Emotions and Memory
by Thomas Grundnigg and Rainer Gabriel

TRACE is an acronym for ‹Transmission in Rhetorics, Arts and Cultural Evolution› and the name of an interdisciplinary group of independent researchers focussing on trans-generational transmission of cultural information and its coagulation in biological memory systems. TRACE develops and proves theories on cultural evolution by interfacing philosophy, and neuroscience. The theatre of operations is brain science on cultural memory. Since 2004 TRACE has designed, conducted and published experiments in the field of cognitive neuroscience and architecture.

A display of original prints and footage of various stimuli used over the years and a video documenting an experiment session using ERP/EEG (event-related potentials, electroencephalograms).