Digital Heritage 2018 3rd International Congress & Expo
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Dammstrasse 16, Zug, Switzerland
VR ALL ART is a groundbreaking platform and a new marketplace for artists, galleries, museums and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in the virtual and augmented worlds. VR ALL ART sets the foundation for an unprecedented evolution of art exhibitions, art spaces and art trading. It is an unlimited world in a new reality – a metaverse of galleries and museum spaces with no borders and no physical boundaries. It enables everyone to explore artworks and discover artists from all over the world wherever they are, at any time. It also gives new power to artists, as they are no longer constrained to the physical limits of real-world space and time. To fuel and empower this transformation we are introducing a new blockchain-based protocol to handle the arts & culture space, based on the international CIDOC-CRM standard. Blockchain-based registry of art brings immutability, decentralization and digital provenance, which creates an essential structure necessary for the birth of a new art market, previously inconceivable. Within the VR ALL ART ecosystem, blockchain-powered money transfers are used for art trading, exhibition fees, curation rewards, art dividends, art profits and many other use cases associated with the art space. Trading physical, real-world art and purely digital artworks on a blockchain-based marketplace allows art to become a liquid asset and enables a completely new type of art investments.