Digital Heritage 2018 3rd International Congress & Expo
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Franco Niccolucci

Franco Niccolucci
Franco Niccolucci is the director of VAST-LAB research laboratory at PIN in Prato, Italy. A former professor at the University of Florence until 2008, he has directed the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center at the Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, until 2013. Prof Niccolucci has coordinated several EU-funded projects on the applications of Information Technology to Archaeology, and is currently the coordinator of ARIADNEplus, a research infrastructure on archaeological data. His main research interests concern knowledge organization of archaeological documentation and the communication of cultural heritage. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of JOCCH, the ACM Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage. He has authored about 100 papers and book chapters.

Panel abstract:

Parthenos has produced guidelines for beginners which can help to introduce the topic. However, putting it into practice still requires some work and guidance, especially in the humanities. Examples will be presented where FAIRification is only half-way in its implementation, and how to sort it out. 

Ref. PARTHENOS Guidelines to FAIRify data management and make data reusable