Digital Heritage 2018 3rd International Congress & Expo
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Linda Jacobson

Virtual World Society
Board of Directors
Berkeley, CA
Let's talk about augmented reality development and implementation! I've been a digital heritage aficionado since 1995 when I taught DeYoung docents how to install and exhibit “Virtual Pompeii” by the late media-arts scholar Carl Loeffler. I was the tech industry’s first-ever Virtual Reality Evangelist — from 1995 to 2001, working for Silicon Graphics, although I'd previously launched and MC'd the Bay Area’s first VR meetups at the Exploratorium (1992-’97). I then helped establish the global VR ecosystem, defining product requirements and supporting early-adopter success in education, the arts, medicine, product design, and other fields. Today I work in biz dev, communications, and project management for education and healthcare tech innovators. I'm also developing immersive 360-degree experiences that document ancient Jewish rituals. Back in the day, I served as a co-founding editor of Wired and wrote the books *Garage Virtual Reality* and *CyberArts: Exploring Art & Technology.*