Digital Heritage 2018 3rd International Congress & Expo

Charles Fox

Nottingham Trent University
Charles is a lecturer working on the BA Photography Degree teaching both Visual Practice and critical Practice.
Charles has Worked predominantly in South East Asia since 2005 with a particular focus on Cambodia. Worked for a range of publications and was part of Getty Images Global Assignments. His work has received wide international publicity, on the BBC, The Sunday Times, GEO Germany, The National Geographic, Time magazine, The Washington Post, and WIRED, amongst others.

Charles has also worked for a range of International NGOs working with them to create compelling imagery to document their programs, including UNICEF, WFP, DCA, CARE ActionAid and Christian Aid.

His long-term projects are focusing on the legacy of conflict and colonialism, looking at its multiple manifestations and how the present is affected by the rulings and actions of the past.

His work in Cambodia has led to a range of outputs including the continued research project Found Cambodia www.foundcambodia.com which looks at how Cambodian society rebuilt itself post genocide through vernacular photography.