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David Blundell

National Chengchi University

David Blundell received a doctorate in anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles. His education was also derived from other institutions of leaning in the USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. Professor Blundell is currently employed at National Chengchi University, Taipei. His courses feature the anthropology of religions, ethnographic film and visual anthropology, life history accounts, language and culture, symbolic anthropology, Taiwan and Asia-Pacific as cultural areas, and aesthetic anthropology. Studies focus on social transformations in Southern Asia, folk traditions and development, indigenous and historical studies in Taiwan and across Monsoon Asia.

Dr Blundell is serving as Anthropology and Language Editor for the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) Austronesia Team, UC Berkeley, to supervise interdisciplinary GIS projects working with diverse groups on spatial temporal digital mapping. This is as an international consortium developing an educational database of Pacific languages and cultures from prehistory to the present serving as a bulletin board for scholarly exchange.

His films are projects in the arena of observing ethics from beginning to end in the research process for the people involved. It’s an intended product by, for, and with the people it represents. Filming procedures have followed in this way to take into account local aesthetic values to make a visual heritage document intelligible to the viewers of a specific culture. Some examples of films:

The Life History of Ven Hanchapola Gnanavansa Thero: A Buddhist Headmonk in Sri Lanka (1902-1979). Film. Color. 52 min. This project depicts the life and routine of a Buddhist monk who was ordained in 1919 and became a guiding force in his nikaya. Prior to the project, he no experience in film making, yet he organized the script, planned the scenes, and directed the story. Published by Dharma Heritage Foundation. http://www.dharmaheritage.org


Company: Navaloka ProductionsPosition: DirectorWebsite: www.arising-light.orgLocation: Santa Monica, California