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Prof. Lin-shan Lee

National Taiwan University
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Lin-shan Lee received a B.S. from National Taiwan University and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, both in Electrical Engineering. He has been a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of National Taiwan University since 1982, and served as the head of Computer Science Department (1982-1987) and the dean of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2009-2012) of the university. He holds a joint appointment with Institute of Information Science of Academia Sinica of Taiwan as a research fellow, and served as the director of the institute (1991-1997).
He developed and published the earliest but very complete set of fundamental technologies for Chinese speech technologies including speech synthesis (1986-89) and large vocabulary speech recognition (1987-97). He also demonstrated a good number of the earliest successfully working systems in the world for these technologies (1984-1997), which marked the beginning of Chinese speech technologies. Today Chinese speech technology products (e.g. Apple Siri, Google Home, etc.) have been widely used by millions of Chinese-speaking people. But other than those new technologies available only today such as big data, deep learning and cloud computing, the fundamental technologies for those successful products are in fact in very good parallel with the basic framework he set more than 20 years ago.
He was elected IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Fellow in 1992 and ISCA (International Speech Communication Association) Fellow in 2010. He also received the Meritorious Service Award from IEEE Signal Processing Society in 2011, and the Exemplary Global Service Award from IEEE Communications Society in 2014. He received the Presidential Science Prize of Taiwan, ROC in 2015, and was elected academician of Academia Sinica of Taiwan, ROC in 2016.